Books that help me draw #1

I was thinking about this today. What books are helping me the most right now in my learning to draw? And to draw comics, specifically?

Off the top I’d have to list two major books. One is Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics”, part of his series on how comics works.

“Making Comics” covers a lot of ground: figure drawing, body language, and expression; the arrangement of elements on the page; the dance between words and text, what to choose when, and how they work together; what tools to use, both traditional and digital, and much more. And it’s written as a comic. Talk about “walking the walk”…

The other is Joumana Medlej’s “Drawing People”. I first found Joumana’s work–a chart on the colour variations of the cat–while looking for references on drawing animals. And was stunned. She’s doing a webcomic, Malaak, set in Lebanon

Drawing People” covers figure drawing, but it does so at just the right level of detail for comics artists who are trying to get up to speed. There are sections on drawing hands, heads, faces, fingers and toes, and a reference section comparing and contrasting different human ethnotypes. I haven’t seen anything like that since what we called the “Wall of People Books” at Sheridan–a photographic reference of human types.

These two books are the ones I’m going to most often these days as I get my drawing skills up to speed. But there are others… stay tuned.

13. March 2012 by Scott Dawson
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