DIS #2: Eyeballs; Acting on Paper

Here’s a scan from a sketchbook page of a few days ago. I amped up the contrast in Photoshop to show the blue lines better; most of them are quite faint.

A page from my sketchbook, with explanatory notes.

A page from my sketchbook, with explanatory notes.

This page has a number of eyeballs. I was drawing them as spheres from different angles, and trying to incorporate the eyelit structure as shown on the cover of “Drawing the Human Head” by Burne Hogarth. The faces are based on the same book, with the addition of smiles based on my friend Carol’s tips. (When I was drawing machines and landscapes during school, she was drawing people…)

The figure at the top right is based on the drawing of Betty Cooper as shown on her Wikipedia page. I always liked the way her face was drawn. But again, I’m not tracing the drawing, but trying to recreate it from first principles.

This is where the “acting on paper” thing comes in… you have to be able to imagine your character doing things and show the energy and motion. This is why they always tell you to loosen up and do all those gesture drawings in art classes… you need to get the feel of things. This is much more important than technical exactness when creating things from scratch.

16. March 2012 by Scott Dawson
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