The comic is done.

Two examples of the comic.

Two examples of the comic.

And I think the thing this shows more forcefully is that I need to get better at inking! I spent way too much time in Photoshop touching up my scanned images, increasing the contrast, editing out errors, and so on.

I was using the linework as forms to guide my colouring. When I selected or filled an area, selection or colour would escape through any imperfection in the outline and occupy places I didn’t want it to go. And I would have to deselect or step backwards, adjust the linework, and recolour it. Over, and over, and over…

To the end of improving this, I mention another book:”The Art of Comic Book Inking” by Gary Martin and Steve Rude. I bought this book at The Beguiling quite some time ago, and have barely used it. Clearly, this has to change.

Looking at the link–it goes to a Chapters search–there seems to have been a Volume Two, then a combined edition! I have some catching up to do…

20. March 2012 by Scott Dawson
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