So, I have a comic. What about the ebook?

Having just finished a comic, I am now thinking about an ebook. Of course. :-)

Quite some time ago, I made a test comic out of the first four pages of my “Scaffoldworld” story. They were done in ink and scanned, then coloured in Photoshop, in pretty much the same way as Shawn’s comic. And I also exported them from InDesign as a four-page PDF.

But I was also able to turn them into a test ebook (in the ePub 2 format) by exporting directly as an ePub from inDesign. This ePub basically has one large image on each page.

But the ePub 3 format allows, I believe, for limited animation in an ePub, along with embedded video and sound. What does this mean for ebooks, and especially for ebooks containing comics?

23. March 2012 by Scott Dawson
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