What would the ideal course to teach ebook production look like?

I’ve been kicking around this question in my mind for the past few days, because if such a course exists, I would like to take it. :-)

So far, I’ve come up with the following topics for a one-year course, perhaps leading to a college certificate. This is just a beginning exploration. And as part of the exploration, I started a discussion on LinkedIn.

1. History of ebooks

What are ebooks?
Flowing text versus fixed-format text. Poetry vs. prose.
Similarity to web pages.
Text and pictures.
Standalone versus online presentation.

2. Ebook readers and formats

Types of formats: reflowable text versus fixed-formnat.

Timeline of reader devices: Data Discman… Sony, Apple
Timeline of apps: Kobo, Kindle…
Timeline of formats : ePub, Kindle, Mobi, CBA

Proprietary formats vs. open formats.
Open: PDF, ePub… support for each
Proprietary: iBooks, Kindle… support for each.

Latest evolutions: ePub 3, KF8.
Backwards compatibility…
Formats’ internal similarity to web pages: HTML5, CSS3, etc.
Fonts, character sets, Unicode, etc.
Javascript and interactivity
Embedding audio and video

3. Creation

Tools for creation: Notepad to InDesign to iBook Author.
Ebook managers and converters: Sigil, Azardi, iBooks…
The design of workflows.

4. Publishing

Free online distribution.
Traditional publishing methods.
The iBookstore, Amazon, and other online retailers.
Libraries and DRM…

07. April 2012 by Scott Dawson
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