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I’m continuing my search for information relating to training for ebook development. So far, I have not found an actual course in the Toronto area specifically for ebook development. However, I have found that ebook-creation skills–especially those required for ePub 3–overlap strongly with the skills required for web programming. This makes sense; ebooks are essentially collections of web pages, bundled together in a defined format with their linked images and fonts and a few other things to provide navigation.

I came up with a diagram showing different skill sets required for technical writing, web development, and ebook development:

Overlapping skill sets required for technical writing, web development, and web programming.

Overlapping skill sets

Unless I can find a college program specifically for ebook development, I’ll be applying to programs for web development, since I can use the skills at top centre for both ebooks development and web development.

This does not mean, of course, that I won’t be looking to learn such things on my own. There are all sorts of resources on the web. But part of classroom instruction is meeting people and making contacts. I am now convinced that such social contacts are as important as raw book learning when you are taking courses.

26. April 2012 by Scott Dawson
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