Michael Cho’s presentation at TCAF

At TCAF, I went to an excellent presentation by Michael Cho: “The Realities of Being a Comics Professional”, in which he discussed arouse aspects of the working life of a illustrator.

Michael spoke of what it’s like to start out; social connection and memory as you meet and work with people and pass on to different jobs; portfolio sites; advertising; and, most importantly: the necessity of following your artistic heart. You don’t want to discover after years of toil that you’ve been following others’ visions instead of honing your own vision.

I wish i’d heard his talk when I was 17 and deciding whether to go to OCAD after high school; I think I might have made a few decisions differently…

But it applies to everyone, really, no matter their age. We are always starting out anew in every moment.

05. May 2012 by Scott Dawson
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