SKF #1: An introduction to Scaffoldworld and its sidebar

In this series of posts, I describe what’s going on as I create my Scaffoldworld comic.

Scaffoldworld originated quite a number of years ago. Originally it was going to be about people living on platforms supported by quite ordinary scaffolding, such as might be found at any construction site, but the scaffold quickly changed to something larger, more like a series of great trees, supporting an actual landscape with soil and all.

About seven years ago, I started drawing it. I did a four-page prologue in Esperanto, and started sketching out a story, but drew myself into a corner. At this point I realized that I had no idea how to design a story. I backed off and started reading screenwriting books, many of which dealt with story design.

Then something else happened and I set Scaffoldworld aside for a few years. That thing is ending, and now I, and Scaffoldworld, are back.

11. May 2012 by admin
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