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Spy Car

Two weeks ago, my friend Susan out west sent me a link to an animation contest in Calgary. My original post was short, but excited. I had two weeks to put together a proposal. Because of other things going on, … Continue reading

15. June 2012 by Scott Dawson
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A closed beta of an online publishing platform

A while ago, I expressed interest in an online publishing platform created by a magazine for internal use, and which the magazine was going to make public. The platform would allow authors to upload content and build publications and issue … Continue reading

08. June 2012 by Scott Dawson
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Pixar to teach animation seminar in Toronto!

Check this out: VanArts is proud to present a Masterclass in Animation & Story Development, featuring instructors Matthew Luhn (Head of Story) and Andrew Gordon (Animator), both from Pixar Animation Studios. This exceptional 2-day event takes place in Toronto, … Continue reading

06. June 2012 by Scott Dawson
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Minecraft: Above the Sky

A month or so ago, several of my friends’ kids introduced me to Minecraft. Minecraft is a ‘sandbox’ game where the player can build things in a blocky world. There is also a ‘survival’ mode where night and day take … Continue reading

02. June 2012 by Scott Dawson
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Elizabeth Castro’s Epub Books

Elizabeth Castro has written a series of books on creating ebooks. As soon as I can scrape up the money, I’m going to order the bundle.

02. June 2012 by Scott Dawson
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SKF #2: Scaffoldworld prototypes and tests…

I recently finished putting English words to that four-page introduction to my Scaffoldword comic. Here are two PDFs of the introduction, one in English, and the other in Esperanto: scaffold_world_intro_en_1 scaffold_world_intro_eo_1 These PDFs were created in Adobe Acrobat from individual … Continue reading

01. June 2012 by admin
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