SKF #2: Scaffoldworld prototypes and tests…

I recently finished putting English words to that four-page introduction to my Scaffoldword comic.

Here are two PDFs of the introduction, one in English, and the other in Esperanto:



These PDFs were created in Adobe Acrobat from individual PNG page images. It is quite possible to create an ebook similarly, with each page containing one image; I made an epub-2 ebook  in InDesign and output it similarly.

But that’s not enough. I’ve been experimenting with the beta of Adobe Edge, and created a test page with limited animation. The test page opens with a slight zoom in on the scene, handled by Javascript.

The artwork is not a single image; each moving item is a separate image, handled by a different animation timeline. So each page would be a set of  overlapping items, all presented at once. This requires that the source artwork be broken apart into separate elements, which may have to be modified to account for their movements–backgrounds need to be larger to account for panning, for example.

The question is… can an epub-3 ebook handle this? Can readers handle Javasscript? Can the book be built to ‘gracefully degrade’ its presentation in readers that do not handle Javascript, perhaps by presenting still images?



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