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Commonalities between tech writing, web development, and ebook development

Six months ago, I was looking at going back to school to learn ebook development. However, I could not find a course meeting my requirements that was explicitly about ebook development. Looking at various job ads, though, I realized that … Continue reading

11. August 2012 by Scott Dawson
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SKF #2: Scaffoldworld prototypes and tests…

I recently finished putting English words to that four-page introduction to my Scaffoldword comic. Here are two PDFs of the introduction, one in English, and the other in Esperanto: scaffold_world_intro_en_1 scaffold_world_intro_eo_1 These PDFs were created in Adobe Acrobat from individual … Continue reading

01. June 2012 by admin
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IBM Developerworks on EPUB 3…

In my search for epub info, I found a great page from IBM DeveloperWorks: Create rich-layout publications in EPUB 3 with HTML5, CSS3, and MathML. Lots of details, links, downloadable examples, all sorts of things. I’m getting excited about this.

08. April 2012 by Scott Dawson
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What would the ideal course to teach ebook production look like?

I’ve been kicking around this question in my mind for the past few days, because if such a course exists, I would like to take it. So far, I’ve come up with the following topics for a one-year course, perhaps … Continue reading

07. April 2012 by Scott Dawson
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So, I have a comic. What about the ebook?

Having just finished a comic, I am now thinking about an ebook. Of course. Quite some time ago, I made a test comic out of the first four pages of my “Scaffoldworld” story. They were done in ink and scanned, … Continue reading

23. March 2012 by Scott Dawson
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